Albert Dicruttalo Fine Art Sculpture

Albert Dicruttalo Fine Art Sculpture from Oakland, CA

Albert Dicruttalo

“ The professionals at Spring Mountain Solutions opened a dialog with me to determine exactly what I was looking for and was presented with numerous compositions to determine the aesthetic of the site, working together to create a layout that was dynamic, compelling and best served my art. My images were then modified to create the best possible viewing experience. All artwork was post-processed, optimized, with meta data added and file names optimized, ready for the web and even archiving. All supporting graphic elements and materials were added to the site to maximize ease of navigation.”

Working with Albert has been such a pleasure. Another Craigslist love story that started 10 years ago while we were thousands of miles away. I was transitioning from a full time artist to a full time web professional and Albert took me in. With patience, grace, understanding and incredibly prompt payments given the fact he's an artist, we have grown the website into a flagship artist portfolio site for Spring Mountain Solutions.

This is, by all accounts, the definition of an over the top artist portfolio website. A showcase site that will be hard to beat. Known not for its flashy marketing blah blah blah, but for its elegant design, a respect to standards with code designed to last through the constant barrage of changes in both browsers and devices. Much like Albert's artwork, this website is built to last. Try playing it on a TV or your latest retina display. Simply amazing!

While on the surface, this website seems like your standard slideshow artist portfolio, the insides are more Tesla Roadster than Yugo. This baby is loaded under the hood, with all the latest and greatest bleeding edge technologies, following all standards in search of excellence in code; accessibility, cross browser compatibility & device domination.

This is a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 website respectfully based on the 320andUp Boilerplate. Responsive web design is here and it's here to stay.

Furthermore, we bring you the future of content deployment with the use of Amazon Cloud Services S3 storage & CloudFront Content Distribution Network. A CDN takes your content and places "in the cloud" all across the country, continent or globe , all on blazing fast connections. The result? Delivery time to your customers is nearly instantaneous, and not based on your web hosting provider's single server located halfway across the country. In other words, what this does is allow for insanely fast loading of very large images and high definition video.

The combination of speed with over the top optimization using device-senstive image scaling, lossless image compression, minified code and scripts and numerous other techniques ensure a lickedy-split user experience, no matter the device, no matter the connection speed.

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This web project contains the following elements:

  • Proper file tagging, meta data and folder structure allows for very desirable Google image search placement.
  • Social networking brings conversation to his work and traffic to his site.
  • Home page features a completely CSS3 & JS full screen slideshow.